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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Fuck it! I don't care... this "Friday's with Mike" thing was stupid anyways. I write whenever the hell I feel like it.

The subject is the playoffs. The NBA playoffs. I am not the expert I used to be. Haven't seen a game in a while (actually since this past season's finals), haven't seen LeBron play yet (I mean a whole game not a dunk or two), I can't name more than 3 Suns. Therefore, my predictions are not worth that much, even more so now that we are down to 8 teams.

Miami and Washington, Detroit and Indiana are the east's pairs and it seems like Miami won't have that much of a problem making it into the Finals. Washington came from behind to advance over Chicago, while Miami breezed by New Jersey. That alone would be enough to predict a rather easy advancement of Miami. Detroit will probably meet them there. Despite the fact that Indiana will be a harder nut to crack, Detroit will be there and it will will be a great series against Miami. Shaq Vs Ben! I hope to catch a few of those games.

In the west, guess what not Lakers... They did not even come close (they ended 11th) and you can't even say that they "barely missed" the playoffs (Minessota did though). Maybe that will make Kobe set his feet on the ground and keep his heads out of the clouds. The Suns have been doing great and it seems like they will secure the one spot for the conference finals despite being matched up against Dallas (which have been doing worse than recent years). Finally, Tim and San Antonio will - either way: easily or with difficulty - pass by Seattle to meet the Suns.

I foresee a Miami - San Antonio finals series and then anything can happen. It will be who wants it more. Both Tim and Shaw have been there before, so a lot will depend on the rest of the team. On the other hand, Suns Vs Detroit will be equally exciting. Detroit - San Antonio will also be a good match-up especially since Detroit will be able to defend their title and hopw for a repeat. However, the Suns vs Miami might be tough... I don't see an enti-Shaq in their mix (while San Antonio has Tim).

Anywayz... I need to watch some games to say more... but this is definetely the best time of the year for the NBA. The new improved teams are bringing back some more competition and that is what makes players exceed themselves resulting in memorable performances and highlights.
Oh, I think the champion will come from the East (either Miami or Detroit) and I would actually prefer Detroit to repeat (that will intensify the competition and rivalries).


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