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Friday, May 06, 2005

Big fat black women!

Chris Rock - Bigger and Blacker:

...We got a lot a women here tonight. Love the women... Love the women... You know who my favourite women are? Big fat black women! Gimme a sister about 250 pounds. The best people in the whole world. You know why? Cause we live in a society where nobody likes
who the fuck they are. Everybody's on prozac or some shit, everybody's getting cosmetic surgery. Nobody likes who the fuck they are except fat black women. Fat black woman don't give a fuck what you think... she's going out on Friday night. She got her outfit on and she match, she got her pumps on and the fat coming out the pumps. that's right [...] She got an anklet on and the anklet holding on for dear life... ahhhh! The black woman don't give a fuck,
she's like: "I am sexy! I am seeexy!" I am the sexiest mothafucka here tonight. There's some good pussy under this belt [...] Love the women... [...] Relationships! Easy to get into, hard to maintain. Hard to keep up the lie. You can't get nobody being you. You gotta lie to get somebody. [...] When you meet somebody for the first time, your not meeting them! You're meeting their representative. Who the biggest liers, men or women? Men tell the most lies, women tell the biggest lies. [...] We lie all the time. You know what a man's lie is like: "I was at Tony's house.." A woman's lie is like:"It's your baby" [...] Women the biggest liers... you a fucking lier, you, you... Look at you! You got on heels, you ain't that tall! You got on makeup, you face don't look like that! you got a wig, you hair ain't that long. you got a wonderbra and your tities ain't that big! Everything about you is a lie and you except me to tell the truth! Fuck you!

Communicating is a bitch... 'cause everyone is wearing a mask, we keep each other at a distance and "when you meet someone for the first time... you ain't meeting them... you meeting their representative"...


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