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Friday, April 15, 2005

Not bad for a beginner

I don't consider myself to be a beginner programmer, however I am not a seasoned one either. My experience is mostly academic and the training I am receiving at work at the moment is going to be preciless. Our "teacher" is a cool guy, typical programmer and very experienced in the object of study. I am beginning to enjoy it now and think (as I have said before) that this job is very good indeed.

Last night Cyprus hosted the European Basketball All Star day. I went to see the game. It was OK but it seemed that the basketball was the sideshow at times... There were singers, cheerleaders that delayed the game and even the players had to wait at times for the dancing to end. Overall it was OK but rather long drawn.

Other than that, nothing much went on this week. I saw Hitch last Friday and that was quite entertaining. This weekend... no plans... Maybe I will go out with my two girlfriends like Rahul says... right...!


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