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Friday, April 22, 2005

Bull - no shit

Remember last week? Well this one was nothing like it. Things are not easy as they seem... more work is required, more diligence, more repetition and all that "good stuff"...

Other than that... nada! Pretty boring huh? I did not go anywhere, did not do anything - other than go to work and back, and read.

There was an "event" for the centennial birthday of senator Fulbright at the Fulbright Commission in Cyprus. It was not bad, but a bit too "classy" for me maybe. It was an art exhibition with dressed up "VIPs", caviar cocktails and wine.... and I went with my jeans!

In any case, to be part of the "Fulbright Scholars" group is quite an honor in and of itself. At least it gives you the false impression of being important. However, the experience I had through the program at Ohio Wesleyan University was unique and rewarding in every way and I treasure those moments.

Time to focus on the present and move ahead. Grab the bull by the horns and stab it in the neck.


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